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Introduction of Department of Leisure Management

Department History

In 1990, the department was established. At the same year, both the undergraduate program and the two-year college were offered, but the graduate program had not been offered until 1992.  Since then, the department has been offering both the undergraduate and graduate programs.


 Department Feature

  1. Educational goals:
    The major educational goal of the department is to cultivate the professionals in leisure management by providing healthy-life-related courses that are integrated the concept of the slogan “Leisure Sports and Health Care, Recreation for the Elderly in UKN”. The curriculum design emphasizes local resource integration for developing healthy leisure activities for the elderly, outdoor recreation, sports, fitness, healthy creative cuisine, etc.


  1. Professional qualifications:
    The professional qualifications of the individual’s competency and capability are important to the student’s career development. The curriculum design aims to train and equip the students to achieve a professional level of competency in their subject matters including licenses for tour guides, mountain guides, outdoor activities, fitness and sports coach, food and beverages, travel industry, etc.


  1. Career development:
    The department provides students training needed for managing their careers to undertake in the future including tourism industry, sports and fitness industry, activity planning, healthcare centers, catering, professional mountain guides, etc.